Sports Medicine Acupuncture®

Sports injuries are one of the reasons that many people seek acupuncture treatment.  Sports Medicine Acupuncture® (SMA) incorporates principles from both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western Sports Medicine to view the patient’s injury from these different perspectives. SMA is used to treat work, sport and orthopedic injuries. Treatments are also beneficial for chronic pain, pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation, as well as pre-event preparation and post-event recovery.

For both the recreational and professional athlete, the goal is to accurately assess the mechanism of injury and severity of the patient’s musculoskeletal complaint. Orthopedic assessment, palpation and postural analysis are used to determine the underling cause of your injury. Treatment will consist of Acupuncture & bodywork techniques unique to your needs and corrective exercises to increase effectiveness to get your back to your normal activities as soon as possible.

SMA treatments involve the release of muscle motor and trigger points on the affected and opposing muscle groups. An injury within a muscle can affect its ability to function properly, which often results in pain or injury. When acupuncture is applied to these areas, the muscle is reset back to its healthy state. Also, by using acupuncture and bodywork to the injured area, the muscle will begin to heal; circulation is increased, thus reducing pain and inflammation.

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